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Dress for Success: 6 Tips on What to Wear

Should we all match? What accessories should I wear? Will my shoes get stuck in the mud? (That one is a genuine concern in Vermont believe it or not.) What about that Cowboy costume my 4 year old wont take off? Well, my answer to you would be "There are many factors, so it really depends!" I am here to help!

1. Don't be afraid to change it up.

I would love to see more people showing off their independence and allowing their children to as well. Instead of requesting that everyone wear blue, let your little one decide what they'll wear and try to match it by wearing solids. If you’re family loves Disney, Marvel, dinosaurs, the beach or anything else, consider a themed session to express your creativity and passions!

2. Coordinate, don't match.

When you look back at older family photos, perhaps ones you posed in as a child, you will see jeans with a single colored tee. Long gone are the days of matching. Think TWO colors instead of one or various tones of one color.

3. Limit characters and patterns.

Yes, I know I said to let your little one decide what to wear, but only to an extent. Perhaps they are obsessed with Mickey Mouse or like I was when I was younger, peace signs. (Don't judge.) These types of things can be distracting on clothing and can potentially take away from your beautiful family portraits. Let one person be your “accent,” if you desire to spruce it up with a pattern.

4. Coordinate with your personal style.

Personal style? Yes! What types of colors do you have in your house? Is your living room full of earthy tones or vibrant and bright colors? These pictures will be hanging up on your walls! It may sound silly, but take this into consideration when coordinating outfits for yourself and the family.

5. Be comfortable.

Don’t dress in flip flops for a spring session in April in Vermont. You’re likely planning what to wear ahead of time, and though it may seem that the snow will be gone, there really is no knowing. If you’re planning a session mid August, chances are you will want to wear something light. Ladies, if you aren't a dress kind of woman, for your sake don't wear a dress! Be comfortable. Be yourself.

6. Don’t forget the accessories.

Not planning a session mid August? Maybe you’re planning to take photos right in the middle of January. Use that beautiful, yet very cold, time of year as an excuse to accessorize. Wear that cute hat you just bought, or the scarf your grandmother made you for your birthday. Remember, photos are meant to be a fun way to capture momentous times in your life. Deciding what to wear should never bring you to tears. (Been there done that.) Go with the flow! If your 4 year old refuses to wear anything but the cowboy costume that is now covered in last nights spaghetti, let your photographer know and I can almost guarantee you will still get stunning results.




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