• Alexandria Bathalon

Embracing the Chaos and Finding Joy

Elementary school is the last time I can remember making definitive goals for the new year, and then forgetting them entirely come the end of school vacation. This is the first year that I have made goals, mottos, and found verses I would like to be reminded of each day for the next year to help bring peace to my home and life. It was empowering, encouraging, hilarious, embarrassing, and really exciting.

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I used to think that making goals was completely ridiculous. I would see post after post shared on Facebook and each one would say something along the lines of: "New Years resolutions are for people who don't actually stick to goals." The sad part? People think that. The even more sad part? I believed it. Not this year.

A couple days ago I listened to a podcast by Rachel Hollis - insert extremely excited face here - and she inspired me to create goals for myself this year. She split them up into three categories. Create, Sell, and Personal Growth. I am going to share *most* of my goals for the new year. A strategy that I love to use in my every day routine is writing things/goals that I have as though they have already happened. I have gone back and forth on sharing these with you, but for the sake of my resolution to "do things that scare me," I am going to! I encourage you to get yourself a special journal and do what I have done.

I have created...

- a monthly newsletter

- a blog (oh hey looky there)

- a website that expresses my style, brand, and colors

- a peaceful office space

I have sold...

- enlarged prints of my travels and precious moments

In 2019 I...

- read 1 book per month

- ready my bible every day

- lost 15-20 pounds

- made a best friend (that isn't family, because I have yet to make one best friend!)

- potty trained Lucas

- started a podcast with my husband

- learned to rest and say "no" YESSSSSS

- did things that scared me

My 2019 Words, Motto, and Verse

Words: Joy, rest, patience, and contentment

Motto: "A day without finding God's joy and peace is a day wasted."


My wish for you dear reader is that you will find peace and joy that will fill your soul and feed your spirit in the year to come. Remember to rest and ignore the chaos every once in a while. Treat your body with care, share your smile with everyone, and don't forget to laugh.




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Alexandria is located in King, North Carolina and services the majority of the piedmont triad.

She regularly travels to Vermont and New Hampshire, and is available for travel worldwide.