• Alexandria Bathalon

5 Things to Look for in a Photographer

Deciding who to capture your life's precious moments can be tough. Check out these tips to help you find your perfect photographer.

1. Quality and Consistency

Take time to view your photographer's portfolio or website where their work is displayed. Look for consistent lighting patterns. Are their photos light and airy consistently? Look at the colors and quality of edits. Of course make sure to be looking at sessions that reflect what you want, such as family, newborn, engagement or maternity.

2. Style

Don't skip this one! Every photographer is different. While some prefer to use professional lighting kits, backdrops and indoor studios, others strictly shoot outdoors or in homes with natural lighting. All photographers shoot different angles to find different tones and moods. Find a photographer that captures exactly what you are looking for. Also evaluate what style of work ethic your photographer has. Are they professional, fun, a little of both? Find someone who fits your style!

3. Word of Mouth

"You don't take a photograph. You make it." -Ansel Adams

Have you read reviews about your photographer and their business? The best way to know if a photographer is the right fit for you is to research. Contact one of their past clients featured on their website or portfolio and flat out ask. How do they interact with children? Are they patient and kind? Do they deliver what they say they will? If you can't find reviews, maybe you were referred or saw a friends photos that they took. What did they think? If you still have questions about the photographer's work, be direct and ask them personally!

4. Organization

Choose a photographer who has all of their bases covered. Are their prices organized? Do you know exactly what you are getting? Are they flexible, accommodating and prepared? Make sure they give you clear and easy to understand descriptions of price, editing timelines, session location and session scheduling. As a photographer who strictly works outside of a studio, I encourage clients to find a location that appeals to them and their taste. I always make sure I am familiar with the area BEFORE the session begins. Find a photographer who does the same! Location, communication, and pricing are all very important things to be clear on.

5. Priceless

Find a photographer that captures priceless moments. Capturing memories throughout your life's moments is so important and you want to be confident that you will want to share them. These are the photos that you will be looking back on forever. Often times people will make remarks such as, "Wow, that is way too much to spend on photos. My friend that just bought a camera can do them for half the price," Well, yes they can, but do you want those photos hanging above your fireplace? Don't judge a photographer by price, because their work is so much more than what they charge. Their work should be priceless.

I hope this helps you find the perfect photographer to capture your special, beautiful and elegant moments.




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